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Our attorneys advise and represent clients in connection with all Georgian law matters including Corporate and Business, Tax and Customs, Commercial, reorganization (merger and joining, division, allocation) and the liquidation of legal entities, Contracts, Immigration, Workplace Issues, Family and Inheritance, Civil, and Administrative Law, Intellectual property, Banking and Finance, capital markets and insurance law, Real Estate and Construction, Licenses and Permits, Media and Communications, Government Affairs, Dispute Resolution, Litigation and Arbitration.

M Lawyer firm offers real estate alienation/acquisition issues:

-Legal consultation and legal services;

-Attending meetings with Real Estate companies and presenting clients rights;

-Reviewing Agreement terms and making analysis.

-Preparation of real estate contracts;

-To sign and register their registration in public registry;

-conduct legal assessment of the acquired property in favor of investors;

-Signing the lease and rent agreements;

-Presenting customer’s interests in privatization process;

– Implementation of procedures related to the recognition of the property rights of a person interested in the property of the state property arbitrarily detained in legitimate possession or use, such as making an announcement, finding evidence and documents established by law, representation with relevant authorities of the state Carry out other necessary procedures;

protection of the legal rights of the person concerned in the process of privatization.

Entrepreneurial subjects:

-Limited Liability Society;

-The community of solidarity;

-Commandet society;

-Cooperative, Individual entrepreneur;

-First registration of entrepreneurial and non-profit(non-comercial) legal entities;

-Registration of changes;

Production of reorganization process (conversion, merger, division);

-Registration of Branches, including Foreign Companies,;

-Recompile of the enterprise;

-choose the company’s organizational-legal form and corporate structure of the company. In order to make business transactions the most eligible contract for entrepreneurial entrepreneurs, provides legal advice to clients and performs legal analysis.

As for the subjects of labor relations, they are: Employer: Physical or legal entity or union of persons for whom a certain job is performed on the basis of a labor agreement. Employed: A natural person performing a job for the employer on the basis of a labor agreement.

The service in the field of labor, implies:

– Preparing labor agreements (including collective labor agreements)

– preparation of internal regulations and other documents for enterprises and legal entities;

– general consultations in the field of labor law; With the origin of labor relations,

– Assistance in legal issues related to suspension and termination of the change;

– protection of legitimate interests between employer and employee;

– Representation in the disputes created from labor relations in court and arbitration;

– protection of the client’s interests while ensuring compensation for damages caused by labor agreement or labor conditions;

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